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Minimal food insecurity overall despite localized pockets in deficit

  • Key Message Update
  • Mauritania
  • September 2016
Minimal food insecurity overall despite localized pockets in deficit

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  • Key Messages
  • Key Messages
    • The expected level of rainfall this year favors national cereal production near to the five year average with good conditions. Nevertheless, repeated deficits in rainfall in August and September affected the development of rain fed crops and the lower areas in need of winter irrigation in the Senegal River valley will negatively affect rice production. 

    • Market stocks are satisfactory at the national level until January 2017 as a result of regular imports, destocking by Malian farmers and average annual harvests. With the exception of rice, the price of food is seasonally normal, with October seeing a decrease in prices due to new harvests. Alternatively, the typical high prices for animals will continue to increase with the cumulative effects of good pasture conditions and high demand during the holidays. 

    • Despite local rainfall deficits, pasture areas are meeting the needs of herds nationally. The usual internal pastoral movements should be normal and meet the needs of farmers except in the areas affected by rainfall deficits (Brakna, Gorgol and Tagant). These positive impacts along with good access to food after the harvest will leave most of the country in Minimal (IPC Phase 1) until January 2017.  

    This Key Message Update provides a high-level analysis of current acute food insecurity conditions and any changes to FEWS NET's latest projection of acute food insecurity outcomes in the specified geography. Learn more here.

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