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Northern markets supplied; access difficult

  • Special Report
  • Mali
  • August 23, 2012
Northern markets supplied; access difficult

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  • Key Messages
  • Key Messages
    • Household incomes in northern Mali are lower than usual due to the impacts of conflict. Throughout the Sahel, local cereal prices are higher than the five‐year average. For rural households, market access is particularly difficult. Emergency needs remain high in these areas.

    • Conflict during the first half of 2012 severely disrupted the normal trade flows that supply northern Mali. However, imports of staple foods, primarily from Algeria have allowed urban markets to remain adequately supplied. 

    • Although trade volumes are expected to remain lower than usual, adequate quantities of staple foods are likely in urban markets. Prices are likely to drop with upcoming harvests but will remain higher than average. 

    • Between August and December the current Crisis (IPC Phase 3) should gradually improve to Stress (IPC Phase 2) with the expansion of ongoing and scheduled humanitarian assistance programs in the north and September‐December cereal harvests.


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