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Household access to food remains good

  • Key Message Update
  • Guinea
  • March 2017
Household access to food remains good

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  • Key Messages
    • Cereal, tuber and oilseed harvests are considered to be generally average to above-average. However, localized reductions in the production of rice and maize were recorded in the prefectures of Siguiri in Upper Guinea and Boffa in Lower Guinea due to dry spells at the beginning of the season and flooding in some areas.

    • The month of March also saw the increased availability of potatoes with a resulting decrease in purchase prices due to the relative control of the fungus outbreak that devastated several fields last year, as well as the resumption of cropping activities by producers.

    • Markets are well stocked throughout the country in the post-harvest period, and most households have good staple food stocks, which has improved food availability. The price of staple cereals (rice in particular) remains relatively stable compared to last year and in line with the five-year average.

    • Food access for households is assured by the relative stability of prices for local and imported rice. The availability of food (rice, fonio, maize, millet / sorghum, dried cassava etc.) at the household level promotes a good diversity of diet, reducing reliance on purchase for many until the lean season beginning in June/July.

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