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Food insecurity remains globally Minimal (IPC Phase 1) except in areas affected by insecurity

  • Key Message Update
  • Chad
  • March 2020
Food insecurity remains globally Minimal (IPC Phase 1) except in areas affected by insecurity

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  • Key Messages
  • Key Messages
    • In the Lac province, assistance allows displaced people and host households to maintain a minimum diet. The area is under Stressed (IPC Phase 2!) food security. Insecurity in Tibesti is disrupting market functioning by limiting the trade flow, keeping the area under Stressed (IPC Phase 2) conditions.

    • Due to the depletion of their cereal stocks, Bahr-el-Gazal and Kanem households depend exclusively on the markets for their food consumption. On the grain markets, a moderate upward trend is reported on food prices. Due to their low income, very poor and poor households have to engage in coping strategies and are under Stressed (IPC Phase 2) food security.

    • The recent harvests of maize from the cold off-season in Lac and Berberé in the production areas (Salamat, Guéra, Mayo Kebbi Est, etc.) are strengthening household cereal stocks. These harvests supply the markets ensuring a generally average cereal availability. Most provinces in the country are Minimally Food Insecure (IPC Phase 1).

    • Following the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has decreed the closing of borders, the closing of certain businesses, and restrictions on urban and inter-urban passenger transportation, among other measures. Staple food price data through mid-March indicates price stability; however price data is not yet available for the period after government measures restricting population movement were put into effect. Although the transportation of goods is not being restricted, key informant information indicates that some traders are holding stocks. It is possible this could drive lower supply and higher prices in some markets in the coming weeks, though additional information to confirm this will be available in early April.

    This Key Message Update provides a high-level analysis of current acute food insecurity conditions and any changes to FEWS NET's latest projection of acute food insecurity outcomes in the specified geography. Learn more here.

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