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Grain-eating birds invade cereal production in the north of the country

  • Key Message Update
  • Burkina Faso
  • September 2017
Grain-eating birds invade cereal production in the north of the country

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  • Key Messages
  • Key Messages
    • Since the third dekad of August, rainy season activity is generally consistent with cumulative seasonal rainfall (RFE) from April 1 to September 20 ranging from 400mm in the extreme north to 1200mm in the south and extreme east and west of the country. This favors good development of the vegetative crop stages, particularly flowering and maturation. 

    • Following the threat of caterpillars, mostly on maize crops, grain-eating birds are now beginning to invade cereal production, especially millet in the Sahel region. Threats of terrorist attacks in this region could limit pest control operations by both producers and agricultural extension services. 

    • An additional ten to twenty days of access to new crops (cowpeas, peanuts, maize, fonio) compared to the average of the last five years improved household food access. However, due to limited income sources, poor households sold some of these crops on the market to meet the costs of schooling debt repayment. At the end of August, basic commodity prices, compared to the five-year average, were generally stable for maize, with increases of eight to sixteen percent for sorghum and millet, respectively.

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