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Horn of Africa

Horn of Africa

The world's worst acute food insecurity emergency of 2022-2023 is occurring in the Horn of Africa, where a record-breaking drought, conflict, and high global food and fuel prices have left millions of people in need of emergency food assistance. This page houses FEWS NET's latest reports, special alerts, press releases, and multi-agency statements related to the ongoing drought emergency in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.

Horn of Africa Drought

In the eastern Horn of Africa – including Somalia, the arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya, and Ethiopia’s southern and southeastern pastoral areas – five consecutive seasons of drought resulted in multiple failed harvests, the loss of millions of livestock, and widespread water scarcity. These impacts have devastated local livelihoods and driven a sharp decrease in access to food and water, leading to a subsequent severe deterioration in nutritional status and excess hunger-related deaths. In northern Ethiopia, recent conflict has led to a sharp decline in household food and income sources and placed significant constraints on commercial and humanitarian access, and high levels of acute food insecurity persist. 

Affected Countries Affected Countries
Ethiopia Kenya Somalia Sudan
Latest Horn of Africa Reports Latest Horn of Africa Reports
Seasonal Monitor Mostly beneficial impacts of above average rainfall in East Africa
East Africa
May 31, 2024
Key Message Update Positive impacts of above average long rains limited by intense flooding countrywide
April 2024
Key Message Update Above-average rains support improved crop and livestock production, though humanitarian needs remain elevated amid ongoing conflict
East Africa
April 2024
Key Message Update Staple food prices are gradually declining but remain higher than the five-year average
March 2024
Press Releases & Statements Press Releases & Statements
Joint Statement: Sustained "no regrets" humanitarian efforts urgently needed in response to drought in the Horn of Africa - February 16, 2023
Press Release: Horn of Africa experiences five consecutive seasons of drought for first time in history - January 23, 2023
Press Release: Death toll rises despite no official Famine declaration in Somalia - December 13, 2022
Press Release: Unprecedented sixth consecutive season of drought forecast in Horn of Africa - November 7, 2022
Joint Statement: Immediate global action required to prevent Famine in the Horn of Africa - November 7, 2022
Press Release: Famine expected to emerge in Somalia in late 2022 in absence of urgent assistance - September 5, 2022
Press Release: Millions already face starvation in eastern Horn of Africa, fifth consecutive season of drought now forecast - June 13, 2022
Joint Statement: Unprecedented drought brings threat of starvation to millions in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia - June 9, 2022
Joint Alert: The threat of starvation looms after four failed rainy seasons - May 30, 2022
Press Release: Exceptional drought in the Horn of Africa - December 16, 2021
Joint Statement: The Eastern Horn of Africa faces an exceptional prolonged and persistent agro-pastoral drought sequence - December 1, 2021
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