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Angola Livelihood Zone Descriptions

  • Livelihood Description
  • Angola
  • January 2014
Angola Livelihood Zone Descriptions

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  • Summary

  • Summary

    This livelihood zone map and descriptions product is based on the Household Economy Approach. It includes a traditional livelihood mapping component and identification of the main characteristics of socio-economic groups by comparing—out of poorer, middle-income, and better-off households in a community—the poorer and the better-off households. Mapping and descriptions offer a minimum of information about livelihoods, such as the main sources of food and income for each group in each zone. The product includes a brief description of general characteristics and seasonal calendars, in addition to food access calendars for each zone. Lastly, areas most vulnerable to food insecurity have been identified in the initial summary.

    Livelihood Zone Description accompanies a zone map, briefly describing the main characteristics of the livelihood patterns in that zone. The maps and descriptions, which identify relevant variables by geography, are useful in informing the development of monitoring systems.

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