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December 2019 Guatemala Livelihood Baseline
February 2019 Guatemala Market Fundamentals
January 2019 Mozambique Market Fundamentals
November 2018 South Sudan Livelihood Zone Map
September 2018 Nigeria Livelihood Zone Map
August 2018 Tanzania Market Fundamentals
March 2018 Haiti Market Fundamentals
March 2018 Madagascar Livelihood Zone Map
January 2018 Ethiopia Livelihood Zone Map
January 2018 El Salvador Livelihood Zone Map
December 2017 Zambia Market Fundamentals
December 2017 Democratic Republic of Congo Livelihood Baseline
November 2017 Madagascar Livelihood Baseline
October 2017 Burkina Faso Market Fundamentals
October 2017 Niger Market Fundamentals
June 2017 Liberia Livelihood Zone Map
March 2017 Sierra Leone Livelihood Baseline
March 2017 Guinea Market Fundamentals
February 2017 Sierra Leone Market Fundamentals
February 2017 Central America and Caribbean Market Fundamentals


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