FEWS NET Data Center

Price and Cross-Border Trade

FEWS NET monitors staple food prices in countries where we regularly conduct integrated food security analysis, as well as other countries with broader regional or global influence. FEWS NET relies heavily on a network of national and international partners for staple food price data, as well as other economic indicators (such as the consumer price index and exchange rate data). FEWS NET enumerators collect price data directly in some countries as well. The staple food price data below comprise all current and historical data that are available to the public. Cross-border trade data, collected in collaboration with a network of regional partners, are also available for Southern Africa, addressing the exchange of food commodities at select border points. All downloads are available in .csv file formats.

Monthly staple food price data collected by FEWS NET since 1995.
All historical cross-border trade data for Southern Africa that are available to the public.