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Improved coffee harvests expected to increase labor opportunities

  • Key Message Update
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • January 2018
Improved coffee harvests expected to increase labor opportunities

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  • Key Messages
  • Key Messages
    • Coffee production in the region has recovered, reaching production volumes that are higher than the 2016/17 season across all countries. More job opportunities are also expected as a result of increased production. Nonetheless, coffee prices in the international market still remain depressed. According to the Composite Index of the International Coffee Organization, the average in December 2017 was USD $1.14 per pound, which corresponds to the lowest level since February 2016.

    • In general, national post-harvest grain crops are at normal levels, making it possible for the majority of the poorest households in the region to generate reserves to cover their basic food needs for the first half of 2018.

    • Despite good results in the first and post-season production, there was damage to mainly bean crops due to the excess rainfall in some areas, so there is still some uncertainty and countries have not made any officially production announcements. In Honduras and Nicaragua, prices are still following normal seasonal trends.

    • According to weather forecasts for January to March, rainfall is likely to be higher than the historical average in Honduras and Nicaragua. During this period the planting and harvest of the Apante/Postrera season is typically carried out. Based on the forecast, conditions will support good vegetative development for the season, increasing the likelihood of good grain supplies in markets across the region.

    • The situation and political uncertainty that prevails in Honduras may hinder transportation and could alter the supply of basic food in deficit regions of the country, destabilizing prices. This situation could also influence trade with El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

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