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Food prices remain high despite the appreciation of the gourde against the U.S. Dollar

  • Key Message Update
  • Haiti
  • May 2023
Food prices remain high despite the appreciation of the gourde against the U.S. Dollar

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  • Key Messages
  • Key Messages
    • The impacts of road insecurity on the economy, inflation on household purchasing power, and prolonged atypical droughts on agricultural and livestock production continue to severely limit the livelihoods and food consumption of poor households, increasing the number of people in Crisis (IPC Phase 3). Cases of begging, theft, and the sale of wood continue to intensify, leading to an increase in the number of people in Emergency (IPC Phase 4), particularly in the first and second sections of Bombardopolis (lower North-West). Cité Soleil also remains in Emergency (IPC Phase 4), as livelihoods are still disrupted by insecurity.

    • While the US dollar sold for around 160 gourdes on the banking market during the second dekad of April, as of May 22, 2023, it was sold at around 140 gourdes, a decline of more than 12 percent in less than a month. Despite this appreciation of the gourde (HTG), the prices of basic foods, the most consumed by poor households, remain high compared with the annual and five-year averages, continuing to erode their purchasing power.

    • In addition, despite improved rainfall conditions in May, these will not have significant effects on the spring crop year, given the damaging impacts already caused by the delay and spatio-temporal irregularity of rainfall between January and April. Therefore, Spring harvests will be below the five-year average.

    • A relative calm in gang violence was observed in May due to a popular movement initiated on April 24. This movement, known as "Bwa kale", aims to neutralize gang members by resorting to extreme acts of violence (lynching, extrajudicial execution, etc.). However, the security situation remains volatile, as the root causes have yet to be addressed. As a result, disruptions to economic activities and markets, affecting the sources of income and food for the poorest, are still likely, particularly in the North-West, Artibonite, and West departments (Port-au-Prince).

    Recommended citation: FEWS NET. Haïti Key Message Update May 2023 : Food prices remain high despite the appreciation of the gourde against the U.S. Dollar, 2023.

    This Key Message Update provides a high-level analysis of current acute food insecurity conditions and any changes to FEWS NET's latest projection of acute food insecurity outcomes in the specified geography. Learn more here.

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