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Low agricultural performance in July leads to a decrease in local food availability

  • Key Message Update
  • Haiti
  • July 2018
Low agricultural performance in July leads to a decrease in local food availability

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  • Key Messages
  • Key Messages
    • The drought in June disrupted the development of Spring crops affecting maize and beans and led to crop losses. Other crops, including fruit trees, behave normally. Nevertheless, the sources of income of the poorest are stable because of their diversity: agricultural work in the Dominican Republic, diaspora transfers, charcoal production, soil preparation for the Summer / Fall campaign, etc.

    • Markets are well supplied with local products but mostly with imported. The price of local corn fell by 4% between May and June and price of beans remained stable but high. The price of rice continues to be above its five-year average. Its evolution will be followed with interest, given the importance of rice in the diet of the poorest.

    • Demonstrations took place earlier this month to protest against rising fuel prices. The calm returned after a few days. However, rising fuel prices are part of a package of structural measures, and new announcements could cause further disruption. This situation will be monitored.

    • Most livelihood zones will therefore remain in Stress (IPC, Phase 2) and some in Minimal (IPC Phase 1).

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