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Seasonal reduction of sources of employment deteriorates poor households’ access to food

  • Key Message Update
  • Guatemala
  • March 2019
Seasonal reduction of sources of employment deteriorates poor households’ access to food

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  • Key Messages
  • Key Messages
    • Poor households located in the dry corridor that suffered crop losses and have seen an extended period of supply in the market will continue to engage in negative coping strategies to fill the consumption gap; Their diet is not diverse, consisting mainly of corn and beans. These households are facing Crisis (IPC, Phase 3) food security outcomes.

    • "Weak" El Niño conditions remain throughout the country; Its development during between March and May and its possible prolongation during June-September could affect the sowing of Primera and the development of the crops in areas that usually face rain deficit. Additionally, forecasts of high temperatures in the following months would reduce soil moisture.

    • With the end of the season of high demand for labor, sources of income of poor households are reduced. During this time, the sporadic employment options are related to the preparation of lands for Primera crops. However, the crop losses of 2018 and the possible irregular start of the rains may affect the hiring of labor.

    • The availability of basic grains is adequate in the markets thanks to the recent harvest of corn and beans from the surplus areas of the North and the volumes that enter from Mexico. Prices will remain stable, but high in the case of corn and low in the case of beans, until June when, according to seasonality, they begin the upward trend.

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