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Primera and Postrera crops losses, price increase and limited sources of employment exacerbate food insecurity.

  • Key Message Update
  • El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua
  • October 2018
Primera and Postrera crops losses, price increase and limited sources of employment exacerbate food insecurity.

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  • Key Messages
  • Key Messages
    • The subsistence farmers of the region were affected by irregular and deficit rains during the Primera agricultural campaign and, the pattern of irregular rains continues for the Postrera harvest period with a deficit in the central zone of Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, which could affect the yield of the Postrera harvest.

    • Subsistence farmers and casual workers in the region have exhausted their food and economic reserves. During the next months, their income will come from the Postrera harvests in the unaffected areas, as well as from the cutting of the coffee in the mountain ranges. The latter being affected by low international coffee prices, the corresponding income will decrease, affecting food security.

    • The inter-monthly prices (September - August) of grains register varied behaviors; bean shows stability and decreases up to 6% less, however, in comparison with last year the current ones are up to 27% higher in Nicaragua. Maize records inter-monthly increases only in Nicaragua; however, in the comparison with last year, they are substantially higher in the three countries, with increases of 56% in Honduras, 79% in El Salvador and 150% in Nicaragua.

    • Most vulnerable households, mainly in the south and west of Honduras, in eastern and western El Salvador, as well as central and northern Nicaragua, which have no food reserves or employment, with crop losses during Primera and at risk of losing the Postrera crop, will face Stressed (IPC, Phase 2) food insecurity outcomes from November 2018 to January 2019.

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