Horn of Africa

October 2022 - January 2023


February - May 2023


IPC v3.1 Acute Food Insecurity Phase

  1: Minimal
  2: Stressed
  3: Crisis
  4: Emergency
  5: Famine
  Would likely be at least one phase worse without current or programmed humanitarian assistance
  Concentration of displaced people
FEWS NET classification is IPC-compatible. IPC-compatible analysis follows key IPC protocols but does not necessarily reflect the consensus of national food security partners.

The world's worst acute food insecurity emergency of 2022 is occurring over the Horn of Africa. In northern Ethiopia, extreme acute food insecurity has resulted from the conflict and subsequent limited commercial and humanitarian access. In the eastern Horn of Africa -- including Somalia, the arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya, and Ethiopia’s southern and southeastern pastoral areas -- an unprecedented multi-season drought is ongoing. The failed 2022 March-April-May-June rainy season has further devastated livelihoods and driven a sharp decrease in access to food and water, and a subsequent severe deterioration in nutritional status. Varying levels of acute food insecurity already exist in the region, and with forecasts indicating a potential fifth consecutive failed rainy season in October-November-December, the already severe humanitarian emergency in the region could further deepen.

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