Ukraine Crisis

This landing page currently includes our pre-invasion analysis of forecasted food insecurity impacts of a moderate-to-major Russian invasion of Ukraine* according to the Dnipro River Strategy.  While this analysis was based on a scenario that did not come to pass, we expect that much of the report remains valid and useful, including the national context, the current food security situation as a context for pre-invasion, and components of the conflict scenario.

This page will also house updated analyses, including a report in the coming weeks which will update the conflict scenario to align with current realities, including the impact of sanctions on Russia and Belarus. We will also be revising the international supply and market outlook, and the impact on projected food security outcomes in most-affected countries.

* Please note that as Ukraine is not one of FEWS NET’s presence or remotely monitored countries, the analyses presented here rely heavily on secondary data and information.

Most Recent Ukraine Crisis Reports


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