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Food Assistance Outlook Briefs

Food Assistance Outlook Briefs

Every month, FEWS NET publishes a Food Assistance Outlook Brief (FAOB) that summarizes our most forward-looking analysis of projected food assistance needs in the countries we monitor. A related briefing event is also held on a monthly basis to share these findings with decision-makers.

June 2024 Food Assistance Outlook Brief
Monthly Food Assistance Outlook Briefs

FEWS NET’s monthly Food Assistance Outlook Briefs (FAOBs) provide projected estimates of the population in need of humanitarian assistance in each FEWS NET-monitored country seven months into the future, as well as a projection of anticipated acute food insecurity outcomes (the highest IPC area-level classification). This product compares projected food assistance needs to the same time of the previous year and the five-year average in each country.

Read the June 2024 Food Assistance Outlook Brief
Recent Food Assistance Outlook Briefs Recent Food Assistance Outlook Briefs
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