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Nutrition Analysis Post-Deyr 2011/12 Mar 2012

  • Special Report
  • Somalia
  • March 29, 2012
Nutrition Analysis Post-Deyr 2011/12 Mar 2012

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  • Summary
  • Partners
    European Commission
    UK Aid
    Cooperazlone Italiana alo Sviluppo
    Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
    CHF Somalia


    A significant scale-up of emergency response since September/October 2011, in combination with the off season harvest and the Deyr (October-December) 2011 harvest has had a considerable impact on improving food access, acute malnutrition, and mortality levels in the southern Somali population. As a result, famine outcomes characterized by evidence of of all three of the following outcomes, based on the Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) version 2.0, are no longer existent in Southern Somalia:

    • at least 20 percent of households face extreme food deficits.
    • acute malnutrition prevalence exceeds 30%.
    • mortality rates exceed 2 deaths per 10,000 population perday.


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