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East Africa Cross Border Trade

  • Cross Border Trade Report
  • East Africa
  • October 2023
East Africa Cross Border Trade

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  • Key Messages
  • Key Messages
    • The share of maize in East Africa’s cross-border trade declined from 31 to 27 percent between the second (April to June) and third (July to September) quarters of 2023 due to increased supply across many countries following good rainfall performance.

    • The share of rice in regional trade increased from 19 to 22 percent between the second and third quarters, driven by above average harvest May to August harvest in Tanzania, reduced production but high demand in Uganda because of the ban on production in the wetlands since February 2022.

    • Cross-border trade in East Africa is expected to seasonally reduce in the fourth quarter due to reduced demand and increased supply from the October to December harvest.

    • Staple food prices followed seasonal patterns across key reference markets in the region but declined to below five-year-average levels in many key reference markets due to increased supply from near to above-average July to August harvest. The prices are expected to be below last year’s and, in some markets, lower than average due to the expectation of an average to above-average October to December harvest.

    Cross Border Trade Reports are periodic documents on trade from country to country or in a region, usually addressing the exchange of food commodities at selected border points.

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