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Acute Food Insecurity Data

Acute Food Insecurity Data

Every four months, FEWS NET analysts use a scenario development process to estimate food security outcomes for the coming eight months. Based on a convergence of evidence, the most likely scenario is projected, and expected levels of food insecurity are classified using the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) system. 

FEWS NET acute food insecurity data, dating back to June 2009, are available for download on this page.

Download All Acute Food Insecurity Data*
About FEWS NET Acute Food Insecurity Data

FEWS NET acute food insecurity data, dating back to June 2009, are available for download as regional geographic information system (GIS) shapefiles and images. Country-specific GIS shapefiles and images, starting from October 2020, are also available for download. These data are published every month, and the most recent acute food insecurity data can be found at the top of the page. 


FEWS NET classifications are IPC-compatible, which means they adhere to IPC protocols but do not necessarily represent a technical consensus and therefore do not always match the results generated by the IPC. 


Click the “download all data” button at the top of this page for historical and current situation (non-projection) data for all regions and countries. We suggest using this option when analyzing historical food insecurity because this represents FEWS NET’s classification of the current food security situation at that time. 


Alternatively, you can search for and download current situation and projection data or maps for any period using the filter and options below. If you receive “no results” when selecting a country or region from the drop-down menu, no shapefiles are currently available.

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Download FEWS NET Data Files Download FEWS NET Data Files
There are no available data downloads.

* The "Download all Acute Food Insecurity Data" button at the top of this page includes historical current situation data

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