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Chad Data Clerk

  • N’Djamena, Chad
  • Due Date: November 10, 2023
Chad Data Clerk

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The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) is an integrated set of activities funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and is intended to provide timely, accurate, evidence-based, and transparent food security early warning information and analysis. Created in 1985 in response to famines in East and West Africa, FEWS NET provides global coverage through a mix of presence and remote monitoring. FEWS NET’s work is implemented across several pillars by a team of partners that includes the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States Geological Survey, the University of California-Santa Barbara’s Climate Hazards Center, Kimetrica, and Chemonics International (Chemonics). Chemonics houses FEWS NET’s Early Warning Team (EWT), a team charged with integrated emergency food insecurity analysis through a Washington-based technical office and more than 20 field offices. 

Based on an in-depth understanding of local livelihoods, EWT members monitor information and data on factors that affect food security, such as weather conditions and climate, crops, pasture, markets and trade, and nutrition. The FEWS NET EWT produces regular reports, including Food Security Outlooks and Outlook Updates, emergency alerts, market and price updates, and global weather hazards analyses. FEWS NET makes reports available at and distributes them globally to governments, relief agencies, and other organizations engaged in humanitarian response and development programs. 

The seventh phase of FEWS NET began in 2019. The work of FEWS NET EWT relies on close collaboration with international, regional, and national partners on food security data and information gathering and analysis. Major activities include joint monitoring and assessments, data exchanges, collaborative analysis and reporting, and technical capacity strengthening. FEWS NET supports local and regional food security networks to contribute to achieving the global objective of food security for all.

Position Description

The FEWS NET Chad Office implements a market data monitoring system relevant to food security early warning efforts to meet decision support needs. Hence, primary staple, cash crop, and livestock price data are collected in a range of key markets across the country by enumerators. The Data Clerk plays an integral role in these efforts by collating and processing data submitted by the enumerators. The Data Clerk also provides technical support, as requested, under the management of the country representative (CR) and deputy representative (DCR), including: 

  • Management and sharing of data and information collected by enumerators and monitors. 
  • Coordination support of enumerator and monitor data and information collection efforts. 


The primary objective of the Chad Data Clerk is to assist the CR and DCR in providing quality control for data collected to support food security analyses and to help ensure that associated products are delivered in a timely manner. The Chad Data Clerk will help coordinate enumerator activities and prepare reports on data and information collection, following established timelines, protocols, and procedures. The Chad Data Clerk will review and compile data on a regular basis and send those data to the CR/DCR for submission to and final validation by the Regional Office and Markets and Trade (M&T) team. To achieve this objective, the main activities will include, but are not limited to: 

  • Serving as the point of contact for FEWS NET Chad Office enumerators. This includes responsibility for administrative tasks, such as confirming receipt of data to allow for enumerator and/or monitor salary processing. 

  • Providing support to the CR in supervising and supporting the enumerators. 

  • Supporting the M&T team, CR, and DCR, in providing enumerators with appropriate technical guidance and training to assist them in generating and transmitting the required data reports; assisting in the development and delivery of training programs and data reporting templates and processes.

  • Ensuring quality control and timely delivery of data and other contextual information provided by enumerators; Reviewing monitoring data and reports and following up with enumerators when those are late, unclear, or incomplete.

  • Serving as the point of contact for data collection and transmission platform in-country. This includes responsibility for troubleshooting and refresher pieces of training as well as coordinating with the M&T and Data teams on support for the platform. 

  • Ensuring that market data collected by enumerators are organized and prepared for transmission to the FEWS NET Data Warehouse (FDW).

  • Communicating with enumerators to facilitate responses to ad hoc requests from FEWS NET Chad, West Africa regional, or Washington DC-based home offices.

  • Assisting in the recruitment of new enumerators, as necessary.

  • Supporting the CR and DCR in maintaining and updating other food security monitoring databases; This may include any combination of technical databases covering rainfall, agricultural production, population, historical assistance flows, nutrition, trade data, etc.  This will also include organizing food security data and information.

  • Participating in rapid rural assessments in acute food insecurity-affected areas when necessary.

  • Other duties as assigned by the CR. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, agronomy, agro climatology, or another discipline directly relevant to socio-economic data collection and processing is required. 

  • Prior relevant work experience in the humanitarian space is required. Previous experience with the development of data collection methodologies, tools and processes, data quality control, and working with NGOs or UN agencies is highly desirable. 

  • Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research and food security data collection methods.

  • Proficiency in written and spoken English and proficiency in written French is required; local language skills are highly desirable.

  • Strong organizational skills and ability to coach staff.

  • Excellent planning and organizational skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with others at all levels.

  • Strong data management skills. 

  • Excellent computer skills (e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint) are required; the ability to effectively use statistical software packages is desirable.

  • Previous experience with mobile data collection tools (ODK, Magpi, KOBO), methods, and management is desirable. 

  • Strong report-­writing skills.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 

  • Demonstrated ability to work and coordinate effectively with remote colleagues.

Location and Reporting

The Chad Data Clerk will be based in N’Djamena, Chad at the FEWS NET Chad Office and will work under the direct supervision of the CR. S/he will be required to travel within the country, and some international travel may also be required, security permitting. 

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