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Wheat harvest volume from May to September likely to be above average

  • Special Report
  • Afghanistan
  • May 31, 2013
Wheat harvest volume from May to September likely to be above average

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    Key Messages
    • With the arrival of spring slightly early this year and well distributed and timely spring rains, the national wheat harvest is likely to be above average, especially in the surplus-producing northern and eastern areas.

    • Despite most sources income performing better than last year and in seasonally normal ways, some groups of households in Afghanistan remain acutely food insecure. Prominent among these are returnees, natural disasteraffected households, and internally displaced persons (IDPs). In addition to conflict and insecurity being the primary reasons for IDPs leaving their homes, insecurity continues to be a potential major driver of food insecurity.

    • Key sources of income such as harvest sales, agricultural labor, and livestock sales are expected to perform seasonally normally over the course of the consumption year, but there are a few areas where various sources of income are not performing as well that will require further monitoring


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    Occasionally, FEWS NET will publish a Special Report that serves to provide an in-depth analysis of food security issues of particular concern that are not covered in FEWS NET’s regular monthly reporting. These reports may focus on a specific factor driving food security outcomes anywhere in the world during a specified period of time. For example, in 2019, FEWS NET produced a Special Report on widespread flooding in East Africa and its associated impacts on regional food security.

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