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National wheat production is expected to be greater than the last two years

  • Food Security Outlook Update
  • Afghanistan
  • June 2015
National wheat production is expected to be greater than the last two years

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  • Key Messages
  • Key Messages
    • National wheat production in Afghanistan is likely to be above the last two years, due to relatively favorable weather and precipitation, which has resulted in increased cultivation of both rain-fed and irrigated wheat.

    • The recent winter wheat harvest in Pakistan and the upcoming spring wheat harvest in Kazakhstan are both expected to be sufficient to allow normal trade flows of wheat and wheat flour into Afghanistan, with stability in prices expected.

    • The incidence and severity of spring flooding has been less than last year, and the impact on national cereal harvests is expected to be minimal. However, floods have had significant adverse impact in valleys where they have taken place, particularly in parts of eastern Afghanistan.

    • Although agricultural production is expected to be greater than the last two years, many IDPs and returnees affected by conflict, as well as households affected by natural disasters including flash floods, frost, plant diseases, and pests, will experience acute food insecurity.

    • Although fluctuations in staple food prices have been minimal, reduced labor wages and livestock prices in some areas during the lean season have likely impacted the purchasing power of households who mostly rely on labor and livestock production for income and food access.

    • Please click here to access the 2015 Pre-Harvest Assessment Report, a collaboration of MAIL, WFP, FAO, and FEWS NET.


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    This Food Security Outlook Update provides an analysis of current acute food insecurity conditions and any changes to FEWS NET's latest projection of acute food insecurity outcomes in the specified geography over the next six months. Learn more here.

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